Elmo arrives and all the two year olds cheer … in fear

A look of excitement and terror- Tommy is thinking, Is Elmo really here?  He is, there he is ….. wow mom was right Elmo really is at my birthday party!  As far as me, I am hysterical, so funny to see your husband dressed up as a 7 foot Elmo costume.  He walked in waving like he was the president of the United States.  All the kids were screaming Elmo Elmo…. some brave ones ran up for hugs.  Tommy stayed by me for awhile, he wanted to ease into meeting his idol. 
Elmo looks like he is taller than the shed in this picture. For some reason I thought he would walk out as Brian in the suit, not 10 feet tall.  Come to find out his eyes were looking through the costumes mouth.  He was still Brian in other ways, the way he walked and his funny mannerisms were classic Brian.  At one point he got on the ground and was doing leg lifts?! what?!  
After Elmo passed the test of running and jumping on Tommy’s demand, oh and kicking a ball and leading a conga line and posing with his grampy and grammy Tommy decided he was a-ok and he too could give Elmo a hug. 
 So so cute! 
We love you Tommy and we are so happy that Elmo came to your 2nd birthday party.  So happy to share this day with our old and new friends and their wonderful children. So happy for you that you have a funny, fun and loving dad that would brave the heat and shake it like Elmo for your party. 
Above all things, we are so happy and proud to be your parents and watch you grow up big and strong, but please not too fast.
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