Thank you to our military families

This weekend has been a whirlwind, we were here, we were there, we were literally everywhere.  Brian and I just sat down and discussed all the things that have happened in this past week and we are exhausted just rehashing them- no wonder why we are all excited it’s bed time!

We also talked about how blessed we are. 

We feel so fortunate to have a wonderful son, a little miracle baby, that brings so much joy and laughter into our lives.  When I say that we did so much this weekend, what I mean is that we did so much as a family this weekend.  We did not go to expensive parks or restaurants or go out of town (although that is fun too).  We planted flowers in our front yard, we went to Christmas Tree Shop, we crashed a cook out, we ate hot dogs at the cheapo beach with free parking, we ran around in the back yard, played at a playground- all the good stuff, the free good stuff that makes a 2 year old thrilled and the adults in his life content and happy.

Having had these moments on this beautiful warm memorial day weekend reminds me that parents of our men and women in uniform are thinking about their children, their babies, who might be now, or are going to be overseas.  They too played with their children at playgrounds and watched them grow and now they are leaving for war or dieing in battle.  It must be so hard, so terribly hard. 

I thank you for raising such brave men and women.

No one in my family is in the miltary, but a few years ago I was fortunate to meet and become friends with a wonderful military family the Kondrat’s.  For the two years they lived in Mass we were able to became good friends and share the excitement of pregnancy and having boys pretty close in age, and then shared a monthly baby sitting exchange for some much needed nights out. Right now they are living and stationed in Hawaii- far far away from both of their families.  We miss them, their families miss them, but they picked up and moved and Jason is now working there, not here.

Kelly introduced me to the Kowalske family ( who I now share baby sitting exchanges and a growing friendship.  It is amazing what Sue is able to do, her husband is often away, and she is raising their two, going to be three children and somehow still has time to have a life and teach an accounting class at Salem State?!  They are both amazing women who I am so fortunate to have met.

The Kondrat’s and Kowalskes have helped me gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for not only the military, but the families that stand behind them. To the wives and mothers that take care of their homes and kids when their husbnads are away, and vice versa.  What a different life you have taken on, such an important one and one that requires you to take on so much responsibility.

I don’t know what will happen in the future; today I feel blessed to have my little boy, my husband, friends, work, my freedom and the ability to feel safe to go about the day to day that makes life worth living.

I thank you for protecting our little world that means the world to me.

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  • Susan, Ryan, Pete and Chester

    Aww, you are too sweet!

  • Mami Ngwa

    I feel blessed and thankful also! Can I come see the flowers? I need some planting ideas!!!