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Grant Farm

I started this blog writing about Grant’s Farm… the plans we had for this year and how excited I was to leave behind the cold winter blues for warm summer days.    here we are 3 months later so I thought … Continue reading

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Hangin with my Homies

Some might think I am crazy that my time away would be to travel to a house with an almost three year old and 2 twin 4 month olds… well call me crazy then, but I have had a great … Continue reading

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Traveling Solo

I am at Logan airport- my big adventure into the pits of Hell, I mean Florida begins. What  a different experience to once again travel solo.  It has been a long time since I traveled somewhere alone.  I was pretty early this … Continue reading

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My son has …..

No it’s nothing bad, no croup or sickness, it’s actually something good!  My son has friends.  I had no idea that it would happen this young, but he does seem to in fact have a few kids that he favors and likes to … Continue reading

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