To Stroll or Not to Stroll, that is the question?

Tommy and I took a journey to Boston today with the stroller.  I contemplated not taking the stroller, but at the last minute I decided to lug the thing along for the ride.  Here is a pro and con of strolling that I hope will help me (and you) with any future to stroll or not to stroll questions:
7:45 a.m:
Navigating down the front steps with going out bag (mommy bag), sippy cup, stroller folded up, oh and Tommy.  CON: Stroller pinches my right finger and I have a purple bruise.
8:15 a.m: 
Park the car and arrive at the commuter rail station.  PRO: Nice to have Tommy buckled up and safe in the stroller as we make our way to the outside platform.   
8:29 a.m: 
Have to rely on the kindness of strangers to help lift the stroller onto the choo choo. PRO: There  are nice people out there (good reminder).
9:00 a.m:
Make my way through North Station to the Green Line….elevators where are you? CON: Poorly marked where to go with a stroller or if you are disabled and use a wheelchair
Green to Red Line, could have just gone up the stairs and taken a left- instead well here’s the CON:  With a stroller you have to go up, down and all around to go from the Green to Red line
9:50 a.m:
We made it to South Station!  Meeting Heather at the station was tough, the elevator brought us outside CON:  It took longer to get from North to South station than it took to get from Salem to Boston (holy cow). 
10:00 a.m:
Ditched the stroller at the Children’s Museum stroller parking and enjoyed the day CON: No room to stroll in the Children’s Museum on a Free DAY!  PRO: Children’s Museum and Free Day even better!
12:00 p.m:
The thought of strolling through the subways makes me crazy, and if it takes an hour we are going to miss our train…so I decide to take a cab. PRO: Cab driver picks up the stroller and puts it in the trunk, he also takes it out for me!
12:30 p.m:
We make the train without any drama, stroll right onto the train, no stairs to maneuver. PRO: Easy, we  even have time to get some doughnut holes.
1:00 p.m:
Stairs to get down from the train in Salem…once again kindness of a stranger PRO: A teenage girl helps us (I guess their not all bad after all!)
1:10 p.m:
Back at home, stroller stays in the trunk PRO: Stroller stays in the trunk.

Time to tally- PRO: 6  CON: 5   A pretty close call for the question to stroll or not to stroll.

What do you think, do you forgo the stroller or are you always strolling along?
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  • Susan, Ryan, Pete and Chester

    Baby Hiking Backpack! We have one you can borrow next time. Super comfy, super compact, no lugging a stroller on/off the train and no problem with stairs. Plus, it folds out into a stand so you can put it on the floor and contain the kid for a bit too.

    Sadly, they don't make a double baby backpack, so now that there are two, I'm stuck with a stroller more often. I hate strollers.

    PS North Station to South Station is less than a mile, you're better off walking down Congress street to the museum rather than fighting with the Green/Red connections.

  • Laurie

    Good advice Sue!!! Thanks

  • Amy

    Ooh, we're totally pro-stroller over here, but only because two year old twins have a tendency to run into the street, into masses of people, and in opposite directions… I haven't had the courage to even think about taking them into the city yet!

  • maryanne @ mama smiles

    I love your tally!

    I go both ways on this. Stairs are tough with a stroller!

    Do you have an ergo baby carrier? It's my favorite non-stroller option – my kids have ridden in it up to age three in the back carry.

    In the airport, I always bring a stroller – so that I can keep track of my kids, and to hold our carry-ons if they decide to walk!

  • becgylese

    oh this cracked me up. i was very anti-stroller, it drove me crazy for some reason. i used the carrier and then just let her walk and carried her when she got tired. that added up to a LOT of carrying her everywhere though! be careful that you use proper pick up technique or you will hurt your back. it's a personality thing…and the child too. ceci wasn't too bad in the running all over the place department.

  • Danny

    We ditched the stroller as soon as possible! I felt it was very important for the kids to walk places they wanted to go… It may be a bit easier in CA where everything is car accessible but for the most part I felt if they wanted to go somewhere they have to walk =)

    Plus it just makes sense that our arms hang down at the perfect place to hold a little one's hand =)

  • Laurie

    Love the comments and suggestions…. I think next time I will try the carrier and pack less stuff to carry, honestly we don't need that much now a days.

    Thanks everyone!