Positive Affirmations

What a joy it has been this past week …every time I do something, turn on the TV, open a door, fasten a safety belt I get a “way to go mommy” “you did it” or “good job wow!”.  It is making me feel really good about myself and happy- I mean “wow” I am amazing I can open doors!
Why is it so hard for us to admit that we do things well?  It is so much easier to focus on the negative and a lot more comfortable.  I mean, it just feels natural to share a negative story or complain about a situation with a friend or co-worker and yet it feels uncomfortable to share something you did well or highlights you in a way that you did something smart or special, it can seem a bit like bragging or showing off right? 
Why is that?  Why don’t we share positive stories more or admit to ourselves that we are good at things?  We don’t have to do things perfectly, just well enough- heck I turned on the TV today..it took me awhile with our crazy remote, but has Tommy said- “way to go Mommy, you did it”
In the group work that I do with people who hoard and/or clutter we talk about negative and positive self-talk and how powerful it can be.  Really how can we accomplish even a small task if we are already telling ourselves that we won’t be able to do it? 
If we re-frame that thought: “I will try my best” or “I will do this project to the best of my ability” we are sending ourselves a powerful message that we believe we can do it and therefore give ourselves a chance to believe that we can…and maybe we will do it, isn’t that a new thought?! 
I have to thank you Tommy for being so positive this week and making me feel like I am good at things.  Your energy is makes me believe I can do lots of things well, even more than opening doors :)    
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    Another great and thoughtful post.