UP at Night- 3rd trimester blues

The past week I have been UP at night and fear I am entering into the world of the walking dead.  My eyes are barely opening and my body is aching with fatigue.  I howled at the moon last night, it was beautiful and frightening.

Image from Walking Dead, Season 2

Why am I UP at Night when the baby is still 8 weeks away? I have a list of ailments right now that are keeping me UP and away from the much needed sleep that I need.

-Heart Burn … I am living on tums right now and they are both heavenly for the relief they provide and horrible for that chalky taste they leave in my mouth.  I am thankful for them, but need a few minutes to digest before I lie back down.

-Sciatic nerve pain… shooting pain that starts in my right hip and then numbs my entire left leg.  Who can sleep with pins and needles in your legs.  I have to get up and walk it off for awhile before I head back to bed.

-The other hip is being kicked and elbowed by the baby…  He has decided to nestle himself over on my right side and take out my hip before he arrives.  Doesn’t he know that’s the hip I need to carry him around on?

-Extreme thirst…now that I think about it this might have something to do with the massive amounts of tums I am ingesting.  I finish my water bottle and have to go downstairs to get another one. Which leads to….

-Frequent bathroom visits… just about 4 times a night right now.  I have to be quiet too because the bathroom is right outside my son’s door and he is a very light sleeper.

I’m going to stop there although I could keep going with listing out my ailments.  Here are some good things about being up at night, yes there are a few.

-As mentioned earlier the moon is just amazing.  The sky has been so beautiful to see change throughout the night.  I hear there is a blue moon today which I am sure I will get a chance to see…no need to set the alarm clock.

-I’ve been able to pat my dog more and check in with him during the night.  He seems to be Up at night too just meandering around.

-I’m almost done with the new John Irving Book- I’ve been sneaking in chapters here and there in the wee hours of the night.

-I’ve had some great reflection time on my life and feel very thankful for my home and family.  Sitting there downstairs on the coach I can’t help but think I am so thankful that I have a coach and the support of my family and friends.

-Due to my fatigue and zombie like state I have been able to get out of some dreaded chores around the house.  I came home to a clean house the other night, the dishwasher is magically emptied and I think someone did the laundry too the other day (I know I didn’t).

I know I won’t be UP at night forever (please) so for right now I am just going to accept it and try to sneak in a nap during the day.

What do you do when you are UP at night?

FYI…Walking Dead starts again on October 14th

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  • Renata

    See, those are the little things about pregnancy that I always forget about. We all expect to be up AFTER baby arrives, but we tend to forget about the up BEFORE baby arrives. It is your body’s way of getting you prepped for the night hours in the months to come. Those nights will be sweet in a different way because you will be spending them with your new son.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laurie-Cantrell-Grant/1259162368 Laurie Cantrell Grant

    My body is sure getting ready… lol! It’s true you do forget about this end period of time. I felt so fortunate up until now!!