Can this Room be Transformed?- Nursery Prep

For awhile we hemmed and hawed about which room would be the babies nursery. The two options- our guest room and our son’s room.

It seemed like a good idea to make the switch and move our son into the guest room, it’s bigger and he could have that “big room” one would think all three years want.  Well not Tommy.  He wants to stay in his room forever.  I have tried to reason with him, bribe, and even demonstrate how fun the “big room” is going to be, to each his simple and easy to hear answer, NO.

I realize we could just move him and that’s that….but I have to question if it’s really worth the fight? Is this a battle I am willing to take on right now and have a sad three year old on my hands?  My simple and easy to hear answer, NO.

With the decision made the next step is transforming the very eclectic guest room into a nursery.  We knew we wanted more children so we never fully decorated the space with typical guest room furniture; instead the room has become the space for lost furniture and so so purchases.  Framed posters from college, a never used sewing machine, a very large comfortable chair that just didn’t quite fit in the living room. A full bed and frame.  The guest room has been a safe haven for these items, otherwise they would have been sold or donated long ago.

The first step in this transformation is to find new homes for the furniture, lights, posters, and little items that currently make up the room.  But first we have to say our good-byes.  I have taken a few pictures to help me in this process.  I often do this with client’s as a tool to remember the stuff- but no longer be burdened with the clutter.

Before Photo of the Soon to be Nursery

Is there anyone out there who will appreciate a Starry Night Poster the way I did in College?  How about a funny orange lamp with no pair? A  sewing machine from the 60′s that may or may not work?

I’m thinking about selling on craig’s list or donating to Big Sister’s- they have a truck and will pick the items up.  I’ve also heard of FreeCycle although I’ve never used it before.

Any suggestions? 

What are your quick ways to have items leave your home ?






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