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We are about to enter that fuzzy, sleep deprived land known as Newbornland. It’s our second trip to Newbornland so I’m expecting we are more prepared and ready for this journey, but you never know. With a three year old … Continue reading

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Bottle of Tums

Tums, Tums, Tums®…. I am pretty sure we can all hum along to that jingle above, right? Tums® has been this girls BFF for the past 6 months, the bottle (or multiple bottles) have traveled via train, plane and automobile.  … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for our Newborn: Products that I love!

One of the joys of pregnancy, I think, is getting ready for baby.  From the moment you find out you are pregnant you can’t help but think about your baby as a real person and start to anticipate all that … Continue reading

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Meeting You

In just under two weeks we will meet. Right now I know very little about you only that you are a boy and a mover and shaker- you make your presense known during the day and night. Soon, very soon, we will meet and you will have … Continue reading

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