Is that your Final Decision?

It’s funny the stuff that you forget about about as your child grows, about how life really is when you have a newborn in your life.  Maybe it is the minds way of allowing us to heal, the long term affects of sleep deprivation, or nature’s way of ensuring that people have more children- but you really do forget some of the hardships and remember only the cuteness when you find yourself pregnant once again.  One thing I would like to remember going forward is:

The decision

The baby finally goes down for a nap, a real nap not a nap in your arms or on your chest.  You are free, back to your old self- at least in body, not quite in mind yet.  You think to yourself … I have time, time all to myself.  Now comes the difficult part- you just don’t know how long you will have- 10 minutes to 2 hours?? What to do next?

The decision

Nap? Shower? Clean? Do some work from home? Blog? Go on facebook and space out for awhile…solve world hunger?

What will you do? What will I do today, well here I am typing away, when really I should be resting.

The total lack of personal time and space is something that you really do forget about as other children get older and the independent play time increases.Shoot the baby is stirring

45 minutes later…I should have napped.



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  • djc

    SO TRUE!