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We are about to enter that fuzzy, sleep deprived land known as Newbornland. It’s our second trip to Newbornland so I’m expecting we are more prepared and ready for this journey, but you never know. With a three year old … Continue reading

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Old Wise One Pregnancy #2

This is my 2nd pregnancy so of course I feel like a pro.  An all knowing pro who shakes my head and gives my opinion to other pregnant gals Whenever asked or not asked- super helpful or super annoying, I’m … Continue reading

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UP at Night- 3rd trimester blues

The past week I have been UP at night and fear I am entering into the world of the walking dead.  My eyes are barely opening and my body is aching with fatigue.  I howled at the moon last night, … Continue reading

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I See the Light

The last few months have been the busiest few months of my life.  I have barely had time to breathe, let alone blog about it.  I was prepared, I mentally and physically prepared myself that I could do it, get … Continue reading

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